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This warranty(s) is only applicable to our selected products.* The products under warranty must be fully manufactured, assembled and installed by Alustil, and subject to the limitations, exclusions, disclaimers and procedures herein set forth.

Alustil warrants that commencing from the date of invoice for a period of Three (3) years, the product will be given service warranty subject strictly to the products being put to its ordinary use (Hereinafter referred to as “Service Warranty”).

There will be lifetime limited accessories warranty for BLUM®️ and HETTICH®️ kitchen accessories.

* Accessories Warranty applies exclusively to our selected products only
Lifetime Limited Kitchen Accessories (BLUM) Warranty
Lifetime Limited Kitchen Accessories (BLUM) Warranty

Kindly refer to the BLUM website for terms and conditions of the warranty.

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Lifetime Limited Kitchen Accessories (HETTICH) Warranty
Lifetime Limited Kitchen Accessories (HETTICH) Warranty

Kindly refer to the SH Hybrid website (Hettich Exclusive Distributor in Malaysia) for terms and conditions of the warranty.

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10-Year Limited Coating Warranty
10-Year Limited Coating Warranty

Warranty covers against manufacturing defects. Warranty does not cover wear and tear, and damages arisen from misuse, mishandling or damages due to human error. The Ten (10) years period shall commence from the date of invoice of the product.

3-Year Limited Service Warranty
3-Year Limited Service Warranty

Warranty covers against cabinet accessories alignment only. Warranty does not cover any part replacement.

All terms of warrant stated herein shall only be applicable for Malaysia and Singapore market only.

For avoidance of doubt in the event after the expiry of the above warranty period, shall there be any replacement of accessories or parts or services required, Alustil shall be entitled to charge any of the services and replacement of products rendered at its standard rates for the accessories or parts replacement.

Replacement of accessories or parts are subjected to their availability from our suppliers.

Warranty Exclusions & Disclaimers

If defects in material or workmanship be shown in Alustil products, Alustil may at its discreation and option to repair or replace the defective products in pursuant to the warranty. For avoidance of doubt the warranty does not cover any costs associated with shipping or transportation of replacement components, removal or installation costs, loss of time, loss of use, loss of revenues, inconvenience or other incidental damages except specifically mentioned above. Neither does the warranty cover deterioration due to normal wear and tear, damage by misuse, neglect, acts of God, exposure to moisture or extreme heat, abuse and other occurrences beyond the control of Alustil.

This warranty shall become void if the products are in any way modified, improperly installed, repaired or damaged prior to or during installation by unauthorized person and/or corporation, or installed and/or utilized in other than normal residential applications.

From time to time Alustil shall be entitled to change the design, specifications and materials as conditions required. Any improvements developed to the products will not make it an obligation to Alustill to make similar changes to products previously manufactured. If a warranty claim is filed after a product has become obsolete, or has undergone design changes, Alustil reserves the right to Honor the warranty in one of the following manners:

  • To replace the affected component with a new component of the same style.
  • To replace the affected component with a component as similar and comparable in style as possible.

If components are replaced, Alustil cannot guarantee that the finish of the new component will match the finish and appearance of existing cabinetry.

Manufacturing standards and tolerances shall not deemed defects, nor the industry variations in colour of aluminium, plastic and timber componentry.

Alustil accepts no responsibility for glass breakage (except for faulty workmanship or materials during time of installation).


All Warranty shall take effect from the orders place on 01/01/2013 and after.

The contents of the warranty may be changed, varied or revised at Alustil’s full discretion without prior notice.

Warranty Claim Procedure and Limit on Remedies

valid only in Peninsular of Malaysia

All warranty claims must be presented as outlined below, within the warranty period for the specific product as outlined above.

If any defects due to materials or workmanship covered by this Limited Warranty, the customers must notify or report to Alustil or your local independent dealer (authorized by Alustil) from whom you purchased the product,in writing, of the nature of the claimed defects**, whithin a reasonable time, but not later than 30days after the defect is discovered, and within the period covered by the warranty. The Customers shall provide the Proof of purchase to benefit from and enjoy the above warranties.

Proof of purchase, i.e : Original Invoice stating purchase date, product details and price are required for claim of warranty purpose.

** kindly attached printed photographs (or digital photographs if submitted vide email) of the defects of the products as it will help our assessment and facilitation of the process of your claim.

Alustil reserves the right to decline any warranty claim of which the proof of purchase are incomplete or found inadequate.

For assistance or submission of warranty claim, please write or email to:

Customer Service Department
Tel: (+6) 06 9869 069
Fax: (+6) 06 9866 359

Alustil reserves the right to inspect, in the field or at Alustil’s premises,any product which is alleged to be defective, and to have any part(s) which is the subject of a warranty claim field inspected by a company or field representative of Alustil.

Alustil’s field visits may result service charges if a non-warranty site survey is required and/or requested. We reserve the right to perform the warranty work or arrange for another party to perform the warranty work.

No warranty claims will be entertained for any claim made prior to full payment of the warranted product.

This Limited Warranty is only warranty provided by Alustil and no representative, independent dealer, or any of the individual has any authority to change, amend or enlarge the Limited Warranty or Alustil’s responsibility or obligation.