A kitchen that brings hearts closer

Lifestyle can simply mean being able to enjoy the space of your surroundings with the people you love.

Spending quality time with your family can be an absolute luxury, sharing moments and bonding in this common place known as the kitchen, the heart of your home.

Kitchen is a space often taken too lightly for the possibilities it could bring, not just limited as a source for food. Setting in an open space creates a centre and a sense of belonging where it naturally becomes the gathering place. This space can amazingly bring family closer together, a place that reminds and encourages interactions that we might have sometimes forgotten.

Slow down your footsteps and start realising the real essence in the way of life.

beginn is more than a kitchen; it’s an essence that brings family together. It’s a concept that is totally different from any conventional kitchen, which were known as a room or an area where food is prepared and cooked.

Kitchen should be a space for all, not just for the person in charge to answer their duty call. It can be where the entire family mingles, day and night engaging all sorts of homely activities together.

beginn emphasises on the development of the island, where family share great moments together, pairing with simple and elegant tall cabinets that completes the warmth that a cosy kitchen needs.

It becomes a centre, a heart and a gathering place for the family to connect and interact. It’s a kitchen that brings hearts closer.

beginn, a concept that redefines the meaning of a kitchen and the way of life.


How it all begin

It all started with a thought to redefine a kitchen into an important element of a home, a place to mingle, instead of having it as one section of a home where only the lady of the house utilises.

This idea was by chance related to Ron, an award-winning designer and instantly caught his attention. Ideas have been exchanged; concepts, innovations and designs were put together, crafted and created beginn.

Beginn /bəˈgɪn/ means ‘start’ or ‘beginning’ in German, and as its name suggest, it marks a new beginning of Alustil’s journey towards innovation, concept and design.


Worktop \ Volakas Marble
Tabletop \ Solid Rubber Wood with Lamination
Body \ 100% Aluminium
Panel \ Crystal Glass: White
Finishing \ Powder Coated: Tex Grey


Body \ 100% Aluminium
Panel \ Crystal Glass: White
Finishing \ Powder Coated: Tex Grey


Body \ 100% Aluminium
Panel \ Crystal Glass: White
Finishing \ Powder Coated: Tex Grey

Ron, Shen Chih-Chung
International Award Designer

Born 1975 and graduated from the Department of Interior Design, University of Arts London. Ron specialises in the integration of natural elements into his designs, creating a space filled with delicate warmth.

He is modest, sincere, determined, indifferent, and has a peaceful temperament, which can be seen in his works.

His designs have the ability to make people ponder again and again. Combining techniques, aesthetics and concepts into the space of his designs creates remarkable details that never fail to surprise.

To Ron, space is meaningful and eternal which can be explored and extended. Harmonising with it gives layers after layers of pleasant feelings with a sense of dependability and amicability; and this is what he strives for.


  • iF – International Forum Design – Communication Design Award
  • FX International Interior Design Award
  • TID Taiwan Interior Design Award
  • APSDA Excellent Award
  • IAIC Asia Pacific Interior Design Biennial Award
  • New York 2007 Interior Design Award


Making it perfect

Kitchen is the heart of a home and a place for the family to mingle, so it has to be perfect for every home. We insist on making it as perfect for you even at areas you’ve never thought of.



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